Anello Flap Ruck Backpack Purple

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 The Flap Ruck backpack uses a heat-regulating fabric that provides a silky feel to an otherwise retro feeling.  It's light and durable, with a large capacity that's easy to handle.  There are convenient direct-coupled fasteners on the back side and deep side pockets for excellent functionality. Because it's of a unisex design, you can have a wide range of usage between casual to a slightly mature styling.Size: 41cm length x 29cm wide x 17cm depth[Please be sure to read before purchasing]
-There are cases where size and weight differ slightly due to fabrics and individual differences. 

-Please understand beforehand that there may be a difference between the image and the real thing, depending on the screen of the display or smartphone you are viewing. 

-Due to the nature of the material, there is a color transfer due to rain, water, sweat, friction etc. Please do not coordinate with light or light clothing. 

-Do not pull strongly on the handle or shoulder part or overfill.  Placing extremely heavy things inside can cause damage. 

-If you keep it in close contact with other materials or surfaces, please stop by color transfer. 

-Odor of adhesive and surface processing medicine may occur at package opening. Because it can not be avoided on the basis of material and processing characteristics, if you are concerned about smell remove it from the package, open the main body opening and air-dry the opening for a while. 

-Please use metal accessories correctly, such as fasteners and hooks. 

-Please do not wash or iron to clean.

-Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.